Upcoming Features

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the temporary website for the iOS app, Anaddrsynth!

Update [11:41AM,5/9/14]  I have received one bug and so I want to point out that I am actively debugging, so any feedback/issues are welcome.  A bug list will be started in a new post.

Below is a list of features currently planned with free upgrades in the app.  In future upgrades, to be offered after these basic features are added, a number of new interfaces will be added for increased filter, oscillator, envelope, modulation, sampling, and effects options.  When you purchase this synthesizer, it should be looked at as an expandable music creation tool, but with an unmatched degree of customization, after coming enhancements.

1 – MIDI input capability to work with the keyboard and add new expressive options.

2 – An arbitrary wavetable creation tool, which lets a user draw and sculpt a waveform on-screen.

3 – Fourth and fifth oscillators to provide more voicing and contain the arbitrary wavetable data.

4 – Let me know what else you would like to see!  Just comment below and provide some feedback and what you need.  I have also included a poll for new features to add (below).


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