A Quick Note About Saving AnaddrSynth Settings

When using settings in AnaddrSynth, be sure to enable iCloud document storage for AnaddrSynth in the iPad Settings app. Local-only functionality for AnaddrSynth settings saves is not implemented, currently.

The “Settings” label is only a label and is not intended as any short cut to settings. The synth’s settings are tweaked using the knobs throughout the interface. You must press on the round buttons in the upper right hand corner of the panels to enable the module (Wah, Delay, VCF, etc.) and have the knobs’ turns take effect.

Pressing the ‘Edit” button next to the “Add” button will cause the table below to go into “edit” mode. In this mode, stored settings can be deleted. Pressing the “Add” button next to the “Settings” Label will store the current settings for each module in the synth in one file. This file is only retained if it is stored while iCloud document storage is enabled in the app.

Currently, the settings take a few seconds to save, but this will be remedied in Version 1.1.1.

Thank you,


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