Version 1.2 under progress

Version 1.2 will be available in 2-3 weeks. These improvements are slated to be included:

1- Higher Fourier resolution for saw, triangle, and square oscillators.
2- Inclusion of a fourth and maybe fifth oscillator.
3- Polishing of fonts, button text, and colors, where needed.
4- Basic hardware keyboard MIDI input capability.
(Inter-app MIDI will likely come later.)
4- A fix for saving settings accurately each time.
5- Various bug fixes.

Chris Anderson

Inaccurate user review

There was a review posted which is not accurate.  For one, settings are saved, using the procedure described on this site.  Secondly, all knobs and buttons function.  However, sometimes filters knobs control filter settings, and, depending on the current setup, additional settings may or may not have a real obvious audible effect – to every ear.  

So, please try the app for yourself and explore the large array of sounds.



Chris Anderson