AnaddrSynth On App Store / Holiday Sale

Holiday sale: AnaddrSynth will be on sale for $1.99 for the US July 4th holiday weekend. I had pulled the app down, but it can be reached here, once again:



14 thoughts on “AnaddrSynth On App Store / Holiday Sale

  1. Using audiobus and sampling anaddrsynth into mitosynth then blended and layered is a worthwhile thing and very engaging! I’ve created some beautiful sounds with just anaddrsynth samples layered.

    • Hi Aquatic,

      Can you pass me your email address? Mine is I’d like to enroll you in a beta program to help make AnaddrSynth better.

      I removed AnaddrSynth from the store because I have had a few one star reviews. Hey, it was late at night and I made a rash decision. This app is staying on most all users’ devices, so it must be entertaining/useful to most of the musicians out there and/or they just want to see what’s coming up. I am dedicated to adding more value to this app, for free, after the low entry price point. So, I put AnaddrSynth back up on the App Store, despite the inaccurate reviews. There are some great fans, like yourself (and you have no idea how much i appreciate it!), so we will press on. If you don’t mind, can you offer some suggestions and maybe confirm or highlight some bugs? Just drop me a line at


      • At the moment I’m studying David Lewin’s transformational theory interesting stuff involving the application of mathematical group theory in music I’ll get back to you soon with maybe some ideas!

      • Impressive, Aquatic_Aboo! I’m quite into mathematics, but I have never read any of David Lewin’s works. Maybe after I have some bugs ironed out, we can collaborate a bit and make some really interesting synthetic sounds. I want to get back to looking at the mathematics side of AnaddrSynth, which I have not done in a while.

        I just bumped up the code to support MIDI input keyboards, by the way!

      • How about incorporating some kind of 3d torus within your app along the lines of strange agency’s app donut but different!

  2. It’s all fascinating stuff! My little studio consists of i mac running Logic Pro x, 2 hardware workstations roland fa06 and korg m50, korg microsampler, novation mininova, focusrite itrack dock , ipad with vast amounts of music apps, eventide space and mod factor stomp boxes and Allen and Heath z10 mixer

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