Coming up in Version 1.1 – Audiobus compatibility, improved controls, and…..a new interface!

The most obvious feedback on the first version of AnaddrSynth was, clearly, the need to step away from the 90’s Geocities mock-up thing.  So, I opened up a couple of graphics editors and went to work.  I came up with a new interface, currently still being mulled over.  If you have any comments, let me know.  -Chris



Audiobus Integration Update

I now have AnaddrSynth working on Audiobus, and I have to say: it’s quite sweet! I downloaded the superb Swoopster and made some cool sounds at lunch.

Next up: finishing touches for Audiobus, more testing, and then tackling the interface look and feel a bit more.

Here’s a screenshot of everything playing together:

To get more familiar with AnaddrSynth, go to this link for the purchase:


Poll: Makeover of the design.

The existing graphics have been in the project since early 2011, and I never bothered to improve upon components like the knobs, background, etc.  So, I would like know (visitors), which of these designs is best, in terms of aesthetics.

Existing Panel Design:

Hi-Pass Existing Design

Proposed Panel Design:

Proposed Design